Orient Expressions

Tony trappings have the compelling aura of the Far East.


Asia’s aesthetic influence is anything but minor. Chief among the Far East’s delicate and exotic motifs are flowers, which have served as fruitful inspirations of late, popping up on a bounty of pretty, precious fare. Cherry blossoms, Japan’s signature flora, for instance, are forever in bloom on the handpainted dial of Corum’s diamond-encircled watch set serenely on a white silk and leather band. And the mother-of-pearl–embossed petals in subtle shades of lavender and green on Fred Leighton’s compact are an enchanting example of Eastern appeal. Cathy Waterman, for her part, reimagines the dramatic details of Ottoman architecture as a setting for a flowerlike marquise-cut pink amethyst and diamond ring. Talk about Turkish delights.

From left: Fred Leighton’s 18k yellow gold and mother-of-pearl compact, price available upon request, at Fred Leighton, New York; Cathy Waterman’s 22k yellow gold, pink amethyst and diamond ring, $6,990, at Barneys New York, New York, 212.826.8900; Corum’s 18k yellow gold and diamond watch with silk and leather band, $38,000, at Bailey Banks and Biddle, 800.651.4222.