Election Memes and Tweets To Help You Bide the Time

As election results (slowly) roll in, we’re all holding on to the fact that at least we can still laugh at some good quality memes.

count the votes sign
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It is now two days after the 2020 Presidential Election, and there are still no final results on whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump has won the presidency of the United States.

But one thing is for sure: at least we all seem to remain capable of having a sense of humor about it. (Well, actually, two things are for sure: we’re all laughing, sure, but we also know that Kanye West has lost his bid for the presidency after receiving just 60,000 votes in total). In fact, the absurdity is such that one simply has to laugh, in order to keep from totally breaking down.

Online, jokes about the slowness of states like Nevada to finish counting the ballots and the surreality of the entire situation have reigned supreme, so much so that even the reaction videos accounts have logged on to the political discussion, and, as always, we can rest assured that the Barbz will have something to say.

In between breaks from helping out with ballot curing and obsessively refreshing the breakdown of results for the electoral college as they come in, here are some election week memes. They might not necessarily distract you from the fact that we are still waiting on hundreds of thousands of votes to be counted by states like Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, and Nevada, but hopefully the serve as some sort of balm.

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