The Craziest Moments from the Élite Season 2 Trailer

Omander forever!

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 1.59.03 PM.png

Élite is a gift from the gods, a soapy, incredibly entertaining Spanish teen drama. It’s both serious (tackling classism, racism, and homophobia, mostly with grace), and undeniably campy (the teens are constantly overdosing on marijuana, a medical impossibility), like if Gossip Girl was set in an industrial Spanish town and was also kind of better? (Please don’t @ me). It also has one of the hottest romances on television in the form of the illicit relationship between Omar and Ander (aka #Omander), two gorgeous, closeted teenagers. And now, blessedly, Netflix has released a trailer for the show’s second season, and it is wild.

The preview opens with (milquetoast) protagonist Samuel visiting his older brother, Nano, in jail. Nano has been wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of his underage girlfriend, Marina—because Samuel turned him in. And from there on out there are clips implying loads of sex and intrigue. Christian, Polo, and Carla are still all sleeping together! Polo remains at large for killing Marina, and Samuell is inching closer to the truth! The confusing real estate scam is still going strong! The devoutly Muslim Nadia goes to a nightclub without her hijab, which feels problematic! Omar and Ander make out on a dancefloor! Lu’s hair looks great! Guzmán continues to glower sociopathically! “Secrets don’t stay secret for very long, do they?” he mutters. Not in the world of Élite!

The show even has a perfect tagline: “Las mentiras nos unen, Las mentiras nos destruyen.” Lies unite us. Lies destroy us!

This glorious program returns on September 6th. Check out the trailer, below.