The next time you enter into a situation that tests your patience, ask yourself, "What would Emma Stone do?" The La La Land star truly has the patience of a saint, as evidenced by her appearance in the opening episode of the latest season of Billy on the Street.

In the clip, Stone gets questioned, mistaken for Emma Watson, and shamed as random people on the street pressure her into starting an Instagram. "You don't have an Instagram?" one fan asks. "Why not? How do you keep in touch with the latest things? ...Everything and everyone is on there. Will Smith just made an Instagram!"

Other compelling reasons Stone should get an Instagram that she respectfully listens to: "You need to make an Instagram ... to show people where you are, obviously." With that kind of input, it's no wonder that, at the end of the clip, Stone is no closer to opening an Instagram account. But, at least she's highly entertained.

Stone's actual explanation for not being on Instagram is just one more reason she's so relatable. Back in 2016, she told Elle, "It makes me so crazy to look at social media. When you see people like, 'This is the best life ever! I couldn't be happier,' you're like, 'Shut up, that is not true.' Not everything comes together in the best way ever, every day. It just doesn't. Even when your dream you set out for comes true, it's not always perfect... That's not the reality of life."

Her best friend Jennifer Lawrence shares the same views, which is why she's not on social media either. Recently, though, she admitted to having a fake Instagram account solely for sleuthing. "I’m on it," she said. "But I’m a voyeur: I watch. I don’t speak...There is always so much backlash...I really don’t want to welcome that unless it’s absolutely necessary. I don’t want to put myself out there for no reason.... So many people are listening and paying attention, and they have so many opinions about absolutely everything." Consider Stone's episode of Billy on the Street all the proof you need of that.