Equinox, the posh gym franchise, has partnered with Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group to open Creative Juice Café, a line of pre-packaged juices and made-to-order dishes. The menu was designed by famed chef Michael Romano and New York nutrition specialist Dr. Jeffrey Morrison.


Another juice cleanse, you ask? Yes and no. While the juices weren’t developed solely for “cleansing”, they can be used for one of three 3-day cleanses called 5+1. There’s Detox, Digestion, or Immunity, all of which include a rice protein shake and five juices.

For those who prefer to actually chew their intake, food items—salads, sandwiches, and baked goods—will also be sold, with the menu changing seasonally using organic ingredients whenever possible.

“A lot of juices feel like they sit on your tongue,” said Romano. “I gave these a sort of fresh, bracing finish that makes you want to go back for another sip. I also used unexpected ingredient combinations like strawberry with chervil, a tarragon-like herb.”

Most of the juices are no more than 200 calories each and all are all cold-pressed.

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“Cold-pressed juices also hang onto nutrients better than juices made with a blender,” said Morrison. “Many people don’t realize that the blades of your blender can heat up the juice and degrade some of the nutritional benefits.”


Here’s a sneak peak of a few juices on the upcoming menu:

The Good Fight: Carrot, green apple, green cabbage, young ginger, lemongrass, kefir lime leaf. Morrison says: “This one was intended for improving your immune system. Lemongrass helps with fever and has mild antibiotic effect.”

Grin and Berry It: Red cabbage, Bosc pear, cranberries, dried black mission figs, young ginger, juniper berries Morrison says: “This is an antioxidant blend that’s good for skin. The cabbage helps with liver detoxification and if the liver is overworked it can create redness in skin.”

Green Means Go: Kale, cucumber, kohlrabi, baby spinach, Swiss chard, cilantro, parsley, sea beans, jalapeño, ginger, dill, mint Morrison says: “This gets your circulation going and the jalapeno’s helps boost energy.”

Equinox, 344 Amsterdam Avenue (At 76th Street)