The month of love is here, though truly, every month has that potential, with or without Valentine's Day. On February 4, the new moon in Aquarius will open doors that lead to surprising communication. This may take the form of a text from an ex or a friend who goes MIA, leaving you to spiral into theories about what you may have said or done wrong. It’s important to say things with clarity and vulnerability—and even more so now than usual. By the time the full moon in Virgo comes along, on February 19, you may have started some fires in the love department. Not bad fires, but ones that will keep you busy and full of stories for a while—or at least pining.

Yours in the stars and on Earth,
The Astro Poets


Your love month will: be charged with what you won’t allow yourself to have. You’ll feel compelled to rebel and test boundaries. Both your colleagues and friends will feel this energy, and some may be frightened by its assertiveness. (As you know, it can be unreadable at times, in the sense that you don’t easily reveal what you really want.) There's always a mask, a show. Still, when an Aries decides to test boundaries, they don’t do it halfway. A part of you will feel like you want to change everything and flip the script. You won’t go that far exactly, but you’ll certainly find yourself researching new paths—careers, neighborhoods, styles of dress. Something inside you is primed for change, and while it will take a while to get there, the wheels are beginning to turn. Just don’t have drinks with overly pragmatic people who have sacrificed their passions. They’ve seldom understood the real you.


Your love month will: center around the self. You love making money and gathering influence, and this will be a good month for both of these things. Sometimes, you get scared of starting things completely anew; you're much more comfortable building on foundations you’ve begun in the past. February will push you past your comfort zone, as some opportunities for professional growth with new players will arise that will be too good to pass up. In your personal life, you'll feel like you’re juggling too many things for even someone with your calm and cool demeanor (well, most of the time) to handle gracefully. You're good at prioritizing, but there's too much going on for you to even figure out what you want to put first. The biggest thing to remember is that you should be putting yourself first. Your deep empathy and need to make sure everyone you love is on stable and nurturing ground may make this hard for you. But this month, try to remember that without putting your health and happiness on the line. You’re needed quantity in so many lives. Take care of yourself so that you can continue to be there for everyone you love.


Your love month will: be about restorative silence. So you’ve had some rebellions professionally even this early in the year. You may have started some fires with a close friend or two as well. Something is making you feel like you’re running out of time for a goal you’d hoped would be within reach by now. So, take a weekend and relax. Don’t go out, don’t see anyone, try not to look at your phone. You’ve been listening to too many voices and they’ve probably confused you. There are already a million voices within you. Your creative spirit has always been sparked by many dialogues, and silence will let you return to them, but only if you let it. It will also allow you to hear them not through your insecurities, but for what they really are. Trust your instincts and lay low for just a bit. Get lost in a book or a TV show. The world will still be there when you return.


Your love month will: be about communication. Although you're generally good at communicating with others, professionally and personally, it's often in a way that's superficial. You love to let people in on your own terms. You can sometimes disclose way too much information on certain subjects, but still not let anyone see your heart and deepest feelings. This is the very nature of your sign, as the crab uses its hard shell to shield its vulnerable underbelly. (Never mind your pinchers, which are there to strike and bite if anyone comes near your vulnerabilities.) Still, this month will ask you to be more forthcoming and to share your true feelings with family, friends, and especially your lovers. You should be prepared to stop hiding behind your tried and true tactics of emotional diversion, and be ready to spill your darkest secrets to the people closest to you. You stand to have great future rewards in the love arena if you do.


Your love month will: feel like two, or even three, love months. Finally, you’re at a place when your loyalties have rewarded you with the absolute attention of the most important people in your life. This is, truly, what a Leo lives for. This month you’ll feel known and valued. At work, among your friends, and even on the dates you choose to go on (though you remain skeptical) or within the relationship you’re currently in. The first half of last year really tested you and you’re seeing the beginning of a true reversal. This is a great time to go deep into creative projects which you’ve been putting off, or projects so important that you’ve waited for enough free time and a slower pace. That may never come, so don’t wait. The people who adore you will cheer you on, as always, but this time with even more enthusiasm. If you find yourself on a spontaneous trip, don’t be surprised. It’s a karmic gift in your near future.


Your love month will: feel like a whirlwind. You already feel like your relationships have been taking you in many different directions, especially in the last few months. You still feel nostalgic about your exes; in many cases, you've even tried to be in contact with them, as wide landscapes of time have softened your memory of their faults. Toward the end of the month, you’ll have new opportunities in the realm of love. Those opportunities may even be there now, but as usual, you’re being a bit cautious. As for your career, know that everyone depends on and loves your stable presence in the workplace—even if your perfectionism won’t allow you to see it. You’re a true force, and luck in the professional sphere will come to you in unexpected ways. Take comfort in knowing that this good fortune will last several months. As usual, your style and class are unparalleled.


Your love month will: be about security. As usual, you’ve given risk-taking a lot of thought without following through. That can be applied to both the love department and at work, where you've cut some corners as of late. It’s not that you’ve been lazy, but you’ve retreated to some old patterns and rituals that have been successful for you in the past. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, either, but what you’ll notice is that you’re craving stability in very tangible ways—going to the same restaurants, seeing the same close group of friends over and over again, staying in and thinking of doing more of that. A reflective period is on its way, and this is you preparing. Don’t be alarmed by this. Just know that your security network is there and that there are people who would do anything for you, even if they’re not sleeping in your bed.


Your love month will: be about partnerships. Although you're known to be a loner in many arenas, you also deeply need to be in conversation, communion, and collaboration with other people. Well, at least with certain people. You can be very picky, and don't necessarily want to be in those states with everyone who comes your way—which admittedly is almost everyone, as few can stay away from your charm. This month, you should be more open to the many types of new partnerships that may be on the horizon. You're always open to professional partnerships (if they suit you), but you may need to act more selflessly than you'd usually like in order to form some longstanding career-related bonds. As for love, be more lenient with your lovers. Let more slide than you'd usually. We know that's not your favorite thing to do—not by a long shot—but all of this bending to the will of others will come with benefits. Especially in the next few months.


Your love month will: be about difficult realizations. Sure, that doesn’t exactly sound romantic, but it will prove quite useful once winter is over. These difficult realizations are actually things you’ve already known for a long time but suppressed. They're about how people understand and perceive you, and perhaps the fact that you’ve let them take advantage of your generosity for too long. This isn’t a pleasurable lesson to learn. At first, you’ll steel yourself against the world and put on a cold demeanor. Soon, that cold demeanor will turn to an unusual brevity in your style of communicating. Then, toward the end of the month, you’ll return to yourself, to your free and at times outrageous spirit. But this time, you won’t forget the lessons learned. Yes, February will feel like a real cold front. Let it change you. Don’t be afraid. It’s far more terrifying not to know than to know.


Your love month will: be about rituals. You are a person who thrives on routine and the deep practice of spiritual rhythms and repetitive behaviors, which extend into the ritualistic. February will allow you to move more intensely into your notions of self and goals for the future. If you have a long-term love, now is the time to think about what the next 10 years will look like and whether or not you’re building toward an attainable future. Maybe it’s time to push the levels of commitment to the next level, as things could be at an emotional plateau, especially for them. As far as your career, try to start visualizing where you want to go. Although you aren’t shy about working and are ready to put in the long hours, start to make a plan for where you put those hours in. Take some time to commemorate how far you’ve come and are willing to go in order to achieve happiness in all areas of your life. Soon there will be a lot to celebrate.


Your love month will: be about small breakthroughs. It is your season after all. You may be waiting for a big shift, whether with your professional life or your love life, which you're hoping to take into wilder territory. But this month, it’s about the little things. Make small but pleasurable additions to your home and desk at work. Reread a book that makes you remember possibility. Go to a movie by yourself in the middle of the day. Making time and space for these things will allow you to see the bigger picture differently. There's a real magic in the everyday which you aren’t letting yourself experience right now. Your anxiety about the future is holding you back, when, little do you know, this year will only get better as the months progress. Toward the end of February, you’ll receive an unexpected text which will confirm you were right about something you suspected romantically.


Your love month will: be about exploration. As you may or may not know, you're happiest when you aren’t stuck in a rut or doing the same things over and over. You thrive on new things, new sights and adventures, and especially new people. It’s not that you don’t love your old friends and experiences—there’s probably no sign as sentimental as you—but you also get quite a charge when some bright new thing comes into view. It shifts the old energy you accumulate after empathizing with everyone all day. So, this February, be open to travel. Be open to the potential for new love, or even a new job. Now is a good time to explore what you want and to see what another side of life might have to offer. It’s also a great month to finish a long-term project that you haven’t had a chance to complete in awhile. Now's the time for you to get it done!

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