Bryant, Kobe
The famed basketball player had to have the last word, scoring 60 of 101 points his team earned during his final game with the Lakers.

Film Festival, Cannes
Just announced its 2016 slate of programming, and the usual suspects are all there: Sean Penn, Jim Jarmusch, Pedro Almodóvar, Nicolas Winding Refn, Jodie Foster. The Tribeca Film Festival bowed last night; Cannes wants its spotlight back.

Film Festival, Tribeca
Speaking of film festivals, Tribeca premiered the Met gala documentary The First Monday in May on its opening night; Andrew Rossi talks going behind the scenes of the Met with Anna Wintour.

Throwing its hat into the fashion-exhibitor ring; its latest offering, Reigning Men, offers a survey of three centuries of menswear from 1715 to 2015 and from the French monarchy to the current ruling class of menswear designers.

Messenger, Facebook
It's a bot invasion over in Zuckerberg's corner. The social network announced plans to expand its bot chat network for the Messenger app, calling it a customer service move. Cue an uprising of the dress emoji.

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Paltrow, Gwyneth
Launching a GOOP clothing line. While that name might work for beauty, we're less convinced for apparel. Even her CEO is asking her to tone it down.

It's not particularly shocking that LVMH would jump through hoops to land Rihanna to collaborate on a makeup line (predictably titled Fenty Beauty by Rihanna). What might be more shocking is the rumored $10 million price tag attached to it. Marc Jacobs and Kat Von D are probably feeling like they lowballed it about now.

Simons, Raf
The former Dior creative director will present his Spring 2017 menswear collection in Florence at June's Pitti Immagine Uomo. Though menswear often draws the short straw in fashion, a Pitti invitation only acknowledges the best of the best. (And just when Simons says he's tired of the whole fashion circus.)