It's no secret that Ryan Murphy is somewhat of a provocateur, but the announcement of the plot for Feud season two may be taking him to riskier territory than he has ever dared before. Feud: Charles and Diana will be the next installment of Murphy's FX anthology, meaning that Murphy is chancing crowding in on one of the United Kingdom's most valuable exports: the British period piece.

There are no details as of yet as to how Feud will depict the prince and princess's rocky marriage and subsequent divorce. There's one thing we do know, though—Peter Morgan is probably mad. Not only does Charles and Diana promise to cover ground similar to Morgan's decades-spanning The Crown, but it plans to do so at the same time. As Entertainment Weekly notes, Feud's second season is poised for a 2018 debut, the same year Diana is thought to make her way to The Crown. It's good to know that Murphy, always playing the long game, is planting Feud content to mine for years to come.

Jokes aside, Charles and Diana does mark an interesting change of focus for Murphy's projects. Between American Horror Story, American Crime Story, and the Hollywood glamour texture of Feud: Bette and Joan, Murphy has historically exhibited an American sensibility in his choice of subjects—and in the stable of actors that count themselves as regulars in the Murphyverse. So, can Sarah Paulson pull a John Lithgow and do a convincing British accent? Will Connie Britton use her otherworldly auburn tresses to play Fergie? Or does Charles and Diana promise a departure for Murphy in every sense? If he is planning on going full-fledged British authenticity, best of luck to him; the 10 British actors who are reliably in every British thing are already in The Crown.

No word either on whether there will be parts for Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon. The pair, who are set to star in the first season, will remain on as producers for all forthcoming seasons. One of them would have to be interested in playing Queen Elizabeth, right?

Murphy will develop Feud: Charles and Diana with Jon Robin Baitz, the producer with whom he's already at work on the Katrina season of American Crime Story. From Hollywood royalty to the real deal. Next stop: the Habsburg empire?

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