Five minutes with Twilight’s Charlie Bewley

Like the immortal Volturi vampire he plays in the Twilight saga, British actor Charlie Bewley doesn’t believe in age. “I don’t subscribe to ageism. I scrapped my age a long time ago. I think I’m...


Had you read the Twilight books before you auditioned? I don’t really read too much. It really is counter my energy. I can’t sit down and concentrate on words. I watched the first movie on the day of my audition and then I did read New Moon. I got the audio books for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, so I kind of cheated.

Did you feel an obligation to play Demetri a certain way? Well, as you go down the cast list, the characters are less scripted out, which is great for me because I don’t think that Stephanie [Meyer] for one second imagined that Demitri would be as flamboyant as I play the character.

Do you lose your British accent for the movie? I keep the British accent because I think the history of film tells us that if there’s a bad guy from a foreign country, they’re probably going to have a British accent.

So are you, like, best pals with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart now? I wouldn’t say we were friends friends. Those guys are very busy, so the time that I’ve spent with them hasn’t been more than a month. But we did get together in Italy and sort of huddled together to keep away from the 5,000 girls that turned out.

So Italian girls have Twilight fever too? As we drove through the streets of Montepulciano in blacked-out Suburbans, we could see the fans climbing all over each other.