Frances Bean Cobain

Despite her famous parents, Frances Bean Cobain — daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love — has largely managed to keep details of her own life under wraps, until now. This month, the 23-year-old expanded her online presence (she has 129,000 Instagram followers), to include a Depop shop with original prints of her artwork ranging from $150 to $400.

Cobain's style is eerily similar to her father's paintings and drawings, with her use of runny black ink, love of ghoulish characters, and dark, goth themes. (Her username is "@space_witch666," if that helps to paint a picture.) One piece, for example, features an abstracted face with the text, "Treat me like your mother, or I'll eat the sun." Another features a brooding bald gentleman with the tattoo "Life sucks."

Whether you're interested in buying her work or not, it's a glimpse into the mind of the young punk rock scion — one who is only just beginning to show us her true colors. If you are so inclined to own a piece of the Cobain family tree, most of her work is still up for grabs.

See inside the mind of Frances Bean Cobain, here.

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