German art star Christian Jankowski insists, in all seriousness, that his attempt to pass off a 223-foot, Italian-made megayacht as a piece of sculpture at this year’s Frieze Art Fair (running October 13 to 16 in London’s Regent’s Park) is serious business. “It brings a certain tension to the whole show,” he explains. Billing the work as a performance piece, Jankowski has enlisted a boat dealer to sell the luxury item from the confines of an exhibition booth as either a high-end cruiser, costing some $94 million, or a Christian Jankowski original, priced at about $117 million and accompanied by a signed certificate, a promotional video produced by the artist, and his name spelled out in chrome letters across the hull. Although he’d prefer it go for the latter, Jankowski is thrilled to simply watch it all play out. “I expect some surprises,” he chirps.

Photo: The Finest Art on Water/Christian Jankowski