We swear we aren't stalking Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford and Jessica Szohr (see our previous reporting from the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport here). It's just that we always seem to end up in the same places as the Gossip Girl castmembers, who have clearly become a tight little trio.

As a friend of ours tells us, the threesome were at the controversy-plagued cabaret The Box (see New York magazine's recent feature) on Saturday night with a few other friends. Ed, his hair au natural ("not Chucked-up"), was wearing a blue button-down shirt and doing shots. More to the point, adds our spy, "
Ed and Jessica were definitely holding hands." They all must have enjoyed themselves and the show, because they were still at the club when our source left at 4:30 am. Take home message? Ed and Jessica are, without a doubt, an item. And Chace is their regular (albeit adorable) third wheel.

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