Game of Thrones: The Best Meme Reactions to That Contentious Finale

"Cool, Robyn Arryn got hot."


You either play the Game of Thrones or you sit home at your computer and make memes about it. If we’ve learned nothing else over these past eight seasons, we’ve at least learned that.

Twitter did not disappoint when it came to breaking down the finer points of the highly contentious final episode in 280 characters or less (spoilers to follow, obviously). There was Drogon finding the redemption Daenerys couldn’t; Brienne writing the final word on Jaime Lannister before taking over his old job; Jon reuniting with his old buddy Ghost; Bran’s surprising coronation; Arya’s quest to find what we’re just going to assume is called Asos; and, most surprising of all, the revelation that Robin Arryn got hot.

It’s possible that some of those choice memes got lost in between everyone on your timeline simultaneously Tweeting, “We spent nine years of our lives on that!!!!”, so we thought we’d assemble some of the best here.

Evil Dany

Brienne’s Burn Book

The Stark’s Uncle Self Nomination

Robin Arryn’s Surprising Glow-Up


Arya, Christopher Colombus

Drogon’s Moment

King Bran

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