A few months back, we completely immersed ourselves in the ever-expanding denim market to find pieces for "Beyond Blue," Alex White's January portfolio shot by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer. We fell in love with several pieces that for one reason or another, didn't make it into the story. Here they are:
[#image: /photos/58539c0257dfc3b0230f86d1]||||||Gap 1969 Always Skinny Jeans: These jeans make you look svelte and do not need any bells and whistles. The perfect dark denim! $69.50 at
Diesel Matic pink and white splashed jeans: Because sometimes you don't want to wear blue jeans. This hot pink pair does take a bit of bravery, but it's worth it. $195 at Diesel stores.


[#image: /photos/58539c036666b2eb4762e06a]|||||| Stella McCartney 70s patch jean: I love the '70s style flare and the high-waist. For the anti-skinny jean shopper. $355 at Stella McCartney.
Marc Jacobs mens' cuffed jean: Slim and a little high-waisted, they look vintage and modern at the same time, kind of an updated rockabilly look. $395 at Marc Jacobs.