George and Amal Clooney have had quite the love story that's taken them across the globe; after all, they hosted their own 2014 nuptials in Venice, Italy. But after stepping out in late February publicly on the red carpet together for 2017 César Film Awards (in custom Atelier Versace, no less), everything fast paced about George and Amal Clooney—take her on-fire career a human-rights attorney, for example—slowed down with the exciting news that the couple are expecting twins later this year.

Though the Clooneys had stayed mum on many details about their future family up to this point, on Thursday night, Clooney hinted that the children would not only be born in London, but he and the missus also plan to spend the first years of their children's lives in the U.K. as well, as first reported by E! News. Amal herself was raised in the U.K., and her legal practice is based in London.

"I played a pediatrician on ER, so I know how to work with extra children," Clooney joked before admitting that prior to meeting his wife, he wasn't particularly interested in having children of his own. Now, though, he's over the moon. "We are really happy and really excited. It's going to be an adventure," he said. "We've sort of embraced it all…with arms wide open."

So while we now know the Clooney twins will be raised across the pond, it's not clear how much time the children will spend stateside. The soon-to-be parents, however, did tell reporters that they would no longer travel to certain dangerous places they'd become accustomed to visiting for work or pleasure that could pose any sort of threat. '

You can't really blame them, though, with their twice-as-nice delivery on the way, now could you?

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