Backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is a lot of controlled chaos; everywhere you look are photographers dashing around, hairdressers adding in extensions, makeup artists brandishing glitter-filled brushes, and, yes, scantily-clad Angels. But despite it all, Gigi Hadid remained calm, cool, and collected on Thursday afternoon before the big night. When not one, but two hairdryers began circling her head during our interview, she offered to hold my phone close to her mouth without missing a beat. Now that's a pro. After not walking in last year's Shanghai-located extravaganza, Hadid was in high spirits, excited to be back on the runway, rejoining her sister Bella, who sat in an adjoining chair. Here, Hadid talks about walking alongside Bella, the throwback picture her mom Yolanda posted on Instagram, and why she's trying really hard not to cry on the runway tonight.

How are you feeling?

I’m so excited. It’s really great to be back, and I feel so lucky to be part of this group of girls. I think every girl is so amazing and it is really great to meet all the new girls and see all my sisters-slash-friends. I’m just so happy for everyone. As you get to know each girl, you get to understand why they are really in the show. It’s just a really warm community feeling.

How does it feel to walk alongside your actual sister?

Amazing. She’s just the best. I can’t watch her too much or I get too emotional and I cry. Yesterday in rehearsal, we were all ugly-crying.

How do you hold off from crying in the actual show?

I tear up during the show for sure. It’s incredible to watch. I think everyone has such an epic moment for themselves. There’s a lot of emotional things, from that feeling of family but also it's Adriana [Lima]’s last show, and I grew up watching her. There’s little things like that that mean a lot to me to be here, so I’m really excited.

How did it feel when you saw the throwback picture of yourself and Bella wearing wings that your mom posted?

I love that picture. I think it’s so cute. We obviously had no idea at the time that it would be a relevant photo now, but it’s a cute, symbolic moment.

Did you feel any FOMO not walking in last year’s show?

I’m just so happy for all of the girls, and I think that everybody has their time and it’s the right time for them at that point. I just had fun watching them have their time.

What are your post show plans for tonight?

Just celebrating with the girls. That’s the most fun for me. There are a lot of different parties, but the ones with the girls in the show are my favorite.