Neutral Territory
The vast majority of makeup looks at the Globes were muted shades against mostly pale complexions. With the exception of January Jones and Piper Perabo's scarlet mouths, neutral, understated shades dominated. Tilda Swinton, the queen of pale, kept her coloring minimalist and chic, just like her ecru and white Jil Sander stunner. Even less pale types, like Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry and Eva Longoria, looked great in soft neutrals, but my favorite of this category was Emma Stone. While certainly not pale-faced that night (took a little trip to the tanning center, did we?), those ivory and peach shades against her newly blonde hair (courtesy of NYC colorist Marie Robinson, who said the transformation took four visits over the course of a week, the first visit lasting six hours!) made for one of the best looks of the night.


Short Sided
Sunday night proved that short hair isn't easy for everyone. Those who wear it beautifully and effortlessly are Michelle Williams, Halle Berry and Edie Falco. Jane Lynch also wears it well, although I'd love to see her go even shorter. Same for Justin Beiber.


Up, Side or Down?
The up do's that worked were Nathalie Portman's, Claire Danes' and Emma Stone's. However, many looked a bit too bridesmaid-y (Jennifer Love Hewitt, Carrie Underwood), yet the softer, side-parted, loosely pinned-up styles looked incomplete (Lea Michele, Julia Stiles, Amy Adams). Hair that was left down often looked the best. Elizabeth Moss' understated style just totally worked with her strapless gown. Jane Krakowski and Heidi Klum looked fresh and cool with their mod styles, but it was the Veronica Lake channeling, done so beautifully by Anne Hathaway, that won it for me.


Big Bang Theory
Oh, Sandra. You needed a change, right? Maybe just tidy those ends up a bit? Olivia Wilde's bangs might be less goth, but she's got such a beautiful face, I prefer her bang-free. The lady who pulled bangs off best was "Modern Family's" Sarah Hyland. Could the fact that she's about 16 say something about this hairstyle choice?