Seeing the Guggenheim from Another Angle

Artist Danilo Lauria uses his Apple Watch for more than time and text.

Danilo Lauria. Courtesy of Fusion.

Most know the basic capabilities of the Apple Watch—tracking exercise, checking the weather, texting your photographer that you’re late to the party—but artist Danilo Lauria has found another functionality. After being approached by the Guggenheim Museum, who was hoping to commemorate its Frank Lloyd Wright structure’s 56th anniversary, Lauria decided “play” the building like a piano, using his iPhone 6 to film and his Apple Watch as a camera remote. “It was the first time I used the Apple Watch to create a video, but from now on I will incorporate it in all of my shoots,” says Lauria (who is also Fusion’s Video Creative Director and something of an Instagram sensation). “For me, it’s the perfect tool because I do stop motion (photo by photo) in order to create these video animations.” Of course, Lauria uses the Watch for other uses, too. “When no one is around, I like to talk to Siri from the Apple Watch. It makes me feel like Michael Night talking to KITT!”