Gwyneth Paltrow Truly Might Not Know Who Tom Holland Is

It breaks Holland’s heart, but Goop has never said his name.

spider man tom holland
Albert L. Ortega, Getty

Insert “I don’t know her” GIF here. Does Gwyneth Paltrow straight up not know who Tom Holland is? There was that viral clip of writer-director-actor Jon Favreau telling her that they’d done a Spider-Man movie together, to which Paltrow responded that no, she was in Iron Man and Avengers, before Favreau explained to her that the pre-press conference scene they’d shot together was actually for 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. This was apparently brand new information to the Goop founder. And now, Peter Parker himself (Tom Holland) has hinted that despite meeting more than once, Paltrow might truly not know who he is.

During a Marvel trivia game with his Spider-Man: Far From Home co-stars, Holland correctly guessed that Iron Man’s leading lady “Pepper” Potts’ (Paltrow) real first name is Virginia, and went on to say, “I’ve only worked with Gwyneth one time. On Spider-Man: Homecoming. Which she doesn’t remember. Breaks my heart. Actually no that’s not true! One time when we were shooting Avengers: Infinity War, I think it was, no it was Endgame, she was in her blue suit, and I was in my Spider-Man suit, and she came up and she asked me for a photo with me and Robert [Downey Jr.]. And then I think she posted it and she said, ‘Robert Downey Jr, myself, and this guy.’ I was just the guy.”

So, does Gwynnie think Tom Holland is just some kid interning at Marvel studios? Well, of course not. The fact of the matter is, franchise fatigue has given our biggest stars a particular form of brain damage. Just look at the above quote! Holland can’t remember which movie he was filming when he took the selfie, and he seems to remember her wearing a suit when, in the picture, she’s got a sweater on. Paltrow probably remembers working with Holland, she just thought it was a scene for one of the many (many) Avengers movies or one of the many (many) Iron Man movies. Can you blame her, really, for not knowing whether or not she’s on the Spider-Man set? After all, we are already on our third Spider-Man actor of the twenty-first century. It’s too much. See the trivia game, and the group picture, below:

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