Pillow Talk

This artistic collaboration speaks for itself.

Juergen Teller

Pablo Picasso had no problem having his art printed on fabric, but—not wanting his work to be sat on—he drew the line at upholstery. Apparently, Jack Pierson, Anselm Reyle, Nan Goldin, and Helmut Lang have no such qualms; they are among the roster of high-profile artists who have collaborated with Henzel Studio on a series of pillows. The collection, which debuts this week at Colette in Paris, is a follow-up to the Swedish company’s range of artist rugs, launched last spring at Barneys. “The idea was to embrace what may seem like a trivial item,” says Joakim Andreasson, an L.A.-based creative consultant who curated the collection. “And explore its possibilities as a canvas.” Given an open creative brief, Juergen Teller selected photos he took of the floor-to-ceiling wall montages of his work that were shown at London’s Institute of Contemporary Art in 2013, while the art collective Assume Vivid Astro Focus borrowed from a photo series shown at São Paulo’s Casa Triângulo in 2013 of big butts, a comment on the reckless real-estate development taking place in the city. You’ll certainly think twice before sitting on them.

Photos: Pillow Talk

Assume Vivid Astro Focus, “Butt Pillow #4,” 2014. Courtesy of Henzel Studio.

Juergen Teller, “Woo,” 2014. Courtesy of Henzel Studio.

Scott Campbell, “Untitled,” 2014. Courtesy of Henzel Studio

Robert Knoke, “Debbie Harry,” 2013. Courtesy of Henzel Studio.

Jack Pierson. Courtesy of Henzel Studio.