Katie Holmes on Holmes & Yang’s second collection

It's hard to know what to expect when meeting Katie Holmes in a hotel suite for a glimpse of her latest collection for Holmes & Yang, the label she launched last fall with her longtime...


“We’re taking it slow, [because] we really want to learn the business,” Holmes explained, adding, “we’re really concerned with what flatters: the pants are high-waisted,”—she pointed to a lean pair of white trousers— “and we’re inspired by our friends, who are real women, they have real bodies.” Yang leapt up and pulled a colorblocked jumpsuit off a hanger; pale pink front, black back, which Yang explained was Holmes’s idea. “I never liked nude on the behind,” she said, wrinkling her nose, “it just never worked.” As Suri carefully removed her fuchsia ballet flats, looked at them, and slipped them back onto her feet (again: like a fashion editor!), Holmes, who just wrapped a film in Australia, laughed about her multitasking ways (she and Yang email each other ideas about fabric and sketches by way of collaboration). “I’ve always enjoyed fashion,” she said. “It’s another creative outlet, and I like to be busy.”

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