Amy Schumer's I Feel Pretty follows in the tradition of comedy films about regular joes or janes who somehow wake up either thinking they're in a different body or actually are--to a degree. In the film, Schumer's character Renee Barrett hits her head during a particularly embarrassing SoulCycle accident and wakes up feeling like a supermodel. She thinks she's perfect, she's beautiful, and that she looks like Linda Evangelista. Where I Feel Pretty takes a radical shift from its predecessors, though, is that the transformation is all in the character's head. Schumer isn't subbed out for the rest of the film by another actress, her face isn't digitally imposed on Gigi Hadid's head, nor is there any trickery with prosthetics or makeup or anything of that sort. As far as the audience (and the rest of the characters in the film) can tell, Renee still looks Renee. The only thing that's changed is her attitude.

Of course, some actual supermodels will appear in the film. From the trailer, it seems that Emily Ratajkowski plays Schumer's pretty friend, while legends Naomi Campbell and Lauren Hutton play higher ups at a modeling agency that seems to be headed by Michelle Williams. (Campbell's character is listed as "Helen," in the IMDB credits, which seems like an interesting choice). Aidy Bryant and Busy Philipps round out the cast as Renee's BFFs. There are also some men in the movie, as well.

Schumer introduced the I Feel Pretty trailer on Ellen by opening up about her own insecurities with a quick joke about the difference between the "mirror face" of men and women and adding, "It's a really funny and sweet movie that I think will make us all feel better. It made me feel better to play the role."

The film was written and directed by the team of Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein. It's their feature film directorial debut, but the pair was responsible for writing the Drew Barrymore classic Never Been Kissed. Silverstein, by the by, also happens to married to Philipps.

The film is set for release on June 29th later this year.

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