Model Nina Agdal Likes to Be the Little Spoon, Can Sleep Anywhere

… But she’ll play the big spoon when the situation calls for it. She lets W into her hotel suite in an exclusive interview where she reveals the movie that always makes her cry and why she’s never liked to sleep alone.

As a seasoned Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret model, Danish model Nina Agdal is no stranger to the jet set life. She travels the globe from glamorous photoshoot to photoshoot, pausing for a moment of respite in hotel rooms around the world. She knows how to take her moments of luxury as they come: track suits on planes, rose water accompanying her wherever she goes, and, as she demonstrates in an exclusive video with W, perhaps a spot of tea and a quick catch-up phone call with a friend at the end of a long day — sans pants, of course. Her conversation runs the gamut from the film that always makes her cry (Forrest Gump, for myriad reasons), how she manages to get a good night’s sleep even when cramped in an airplane seat (feet wedged in the seat pocket in front of her), and how she sleeps best (in the nude, with another person, ideally playing the little spoon).

“I actually don’t like sleeping alone,” the 24-year-old model reveals, lounging back in her king-sized bed in an azure lingerie ensemble under an oversized white button-down. “There’s something calming knowing that there’s another person next to you.” (“Obviously not just anyone,” she adds — as she’s currently dating notorious yacht-lover and climate change-documentarian Leonardo DiCaprio, we imagine she has a someone in mind.) It turns out, her hotel suite is the perfect forum to discuss these and other intimate details. Agdal goes on to explain what she’s looking for in the ideal man (though, she confesses, this would have been different five years ago, and may be different five years into the future): “A solid, good-hearted, smart, funny, and happy man,” she says. “It’s pretty simple.” Is that too much to ask for?

Then she leans back with a smile, and sips her tea.