Will Karlie Kloss’s Dad Save Us From the Coronavirus?

Jared Kushner
Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call/Getty Images

Ordinarily, Facebook would be one of the last place you’d turn to for reliable information on how to survive a pandemic. But at this point in the coronavirus outbreak, we have no choice but to take solace in the fact that Jared Kushner thought to ask a midwestern dad to crowdsource actual medical advice.

The dad in question is Kurt Kloss, an actual doctor. He’s also the father of Karlie Kloss, the supermodel who is married to Kusher’s brother, Joshua, as he hinted at in his first post to the Facebook group EM Docs on Wednesday night. “I have direct channel to person now in charge at White House,” Kloss informed the group’s nearly 22,000 members. “If you were in charge of Federal response to the Pandemic what would your recommendation be. Please only serious responses.”

Naturally, the response was somewhat skeptical. Kloss seemed to expect as much, and eventually shared a few more details about his “unique circumstance” before once again issuing his plea. “Tonight I was asked by Jared through my son-in-law for my recommendations, that’s when I turned to you my fellow BAFERD’s for help,” Kloss followed up. (For the unfamiliar, “BAFERD” is a medical term for “Bad Ass Fucking Emergency Room Doctor.”)

The BAFERDs, as they’re wont to do, came through. “Between patients tonight I have reviewed your responses and will summarize what I am sending to Jared for your PEER review before I send it,” Kloss wrote in a series of updates. Eventually, they compiled their top 12 recommendations for combatting the pandemic, which Kloss sent through to Kushner. (“Jared is reading now,” Kloss later followed up.)

Inevitably, news of Kushner’s commision leaked outside of the group, and Kloss has since deleted his posts. The recommendations are now circulating on Twitter, according to Politico:

Mission accomplished, as of Friday afternoon, Kloss appears to have also deleted his Facebook account. Karlie has yet to weigh in, though her previous admission that “it’s been hard” to be related to the Kushners and Trumps certainly seems relevant right about now.

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