Jared Leto’s Morbius Movie Will Combine Your Love of Vampires and Superheroes

But he'll still play the Joker too.

Jared Leto - Royals - October 2017
Photographs by Mario Sorrenti, Styled by George Cortina; Hair by Recine for Rodin; Makeup by Kanako Takase for Shiseido at Streeters; Manicures by Lisa Jachno for Chanel at Aim Artists.

People love a vampire movie almost as much as they love a superhero movie. People also seem to love the idea of Jared Leto as a male cleavage–baring comic book bad boy (one of the biggest fanboy complaints about Suicide Squad was that despite years of teasing, Leto’s version of the Joker appeared in barely 10 minutes of the film). So why not throw all those elements into a blender and churn about a movie of it?

That’s exactly what Sony is doing in its next step to flesh out its burgeoning cinematic universe surrounding Spider-Man (one that’s distinct from Marvel’s, even though Spider-Man will continue to cross over). It was announced today that Leto will star in a new movie as Morbius, the Living Vampire, a name unrecognizable to few who don’t consider themselves comic book aficionados, but a character who, once you’re introduced to his backstory, will have you thinking, “Oh, yeah, that’s the kind of Hollywood big screen nonsense that I do like!” Let’s take a look:

1. He’s a Vampire!

You know you love those vampires: Dracula, Edward Cullen, Spike, Alexander Skarsgaard on True Blood, half the characters Ian Somerhalder plays.… Like vampires themselves, our love for vampire characters is eternal.

However, you may have noticed Morbius is not just any vampire but a living vampire. Indeed, in his comic book backstory, Morbius lives with a horrible blood disorder, and he he grows up to become a scientist in an attempt to cure it himself. Of course, the cure he comes up with involves vampire bat DNA, and, what do you know, he just ends up turning himself into a superhuman with vampire-like abilities. He’s got super strength and agility, with a healing factor like Wolverine and the ability to fly, but he also can’t go out in the daylight and has to sustain himself on human blood as well.

2. But He’s Also an Superhero…Kind Of

Morbius was originally introduced as a Spider-man villain, but over the years has figure into his own comic books as a sort of anti-hero. He means well! He has a tragic backstory! His only real mission in life is to try to cure himself of both his disease and his vampire-ness, but, there is that tricky fact that he has to drink people’s blood to survive and most of his victims die.

3. He’ll be Jared Leto in white makeup and chest-revealing getup!

Basically, just like his physical portrayal of the Joker, but with less tattoos and more pointy ears and fangs!

4. There’s Also Room for a Tragic Love Story

Superhero movies don’t necessarily need a tragic love story, but vampire media seems to. Don’t worry, Morbius might have you covered. In the comic books he gets engaged to a nice girl named Martine Bancroft during his scientists days but keeps his rare blood disorder and, eventually, the fact that he accidentally turned himself into a monster from her. Despite the fact he became a vampire, he ghosted her. She spends a long time hunting him down, dies a few times, comes back as a vampire herself…it’s from the comic books, a lot of things happened. Still, there’s certainly enough material to give the superhero world its own Edward and Bella, should producers want it.

5. Yet It Won’t Interrupt Any Future Joker Projects

The fate of Leto’s version of the Joker remains unclear especially ever since DC hired Joaquin Phoenix to star as another version of the clown villain in a separate movie. Leto’s version, however, is still rumored to be a part of any future movies that also include Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, and Variety clarifies that the casting won’t affect any of that. Presumable, it may affect any possibilities of the world seeing Leto onscreen anytime soon as anything other than a pale-skinned comic book bad boy, but the man already has his Oscar anyway.

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