Even if you don't know Jasmine Sanders by name, you certainly know her silhouette. Endowed of a striking mane of curls framing grey-blue eyes, Sanders is perhaps just as well known among her Instagram followers — now numbering in the several-millions — as her fashion peers. She's known, on Instagram, as @golden_barbie, her nickname since childhood; though she's been modeling since she was 13 and she walked Jeremy Scott's Spring 2015 show two years ago, it wasn't until her breakout moment in Miu Miu's Fall 2016 show that she ascended to the high fashion stage. It was her first Paris runway. Since then, she's walked for DKNY and multiple Moschino shows, and she's fronted campaigns for the likes of Moroccanoil and Pat McGrath.

And while Sanders broadcasts intimate, behind-the-scenes moments to her many followers, here, she lets us in on an evening in her hotel room (with her canine companion and spirit animal), revealing her penchant for all-nighters and shower singing. It's her secret talent, actually — "I'm really good at singing in the shower," she says. "I'm terrible anywhere else, though."

Swaddled in sky-blue chiffon and fur, Sanders sprawls across a luxuriously large bed as she reveals she's a big fan of actress Ruby Rose, of Orange Is the New Black fame — "It's almost effortless how gorgeous she is," Sanders gushes — and, in another life, she might have been a nurse. You know, if the whole modeling thing didn't work out. ("I don't like blood," she confesses. "I think everything happened for a reason.")

When she's not on modeling duty, Sanders can probably be found hosting a dance party at her house, with plenty of wine and maybe a few shots. The self-professed "weirdo" also collects tattoos, and she reveals the hidden meanings behind them — a coat hanger, representative of her "lovely job" as a "human coathanger." Get to know Golden Barbie herself, in her own, very candid words.