Jay and Mark Duplass

Jay wears a Brunello Cucinelli suit, shirt, and tie; his own sunglasses; stylist’s own pocket square. Mark wears a Brioni suit, shirt, and tie; stylist’s own belt.

Photographer: Pari Dukovic
Stylist: Patrick Mackie

As television trends ever soapier and more plot-packed and over-the-top, it could be argued that the most emotionally affecting shows are no longer the big-ticket prestige dramas but the modest, intimate comedies. Think Louie, Girls, and Transparent, the Golden Globe–winning Amazon series costarring the filmmaker Jay Duplass in his first significant onscreen role. Then there’s HBO’s Togetherness, created by Jay and his brother Mark. This sitcom’s rather conventional log line—throw some volatile characters together under one roof, stir—belies the wild, brutally honest revelations of the often-improvised performances wrung from the cast. “We’re setting a dramatic bar that’s lower than, say, people getting killed,” Jay notes. “What’s always appealed to us is what’s going on inside our heads and in our relationships. That’s the big stuff. To us, that feels like life and death.”

Hair by Dennis Gots for Oribe Hair Care at the Wall Group; makeup by Jo Strettell at the Magnet Agency; photography assistants: Amy Moore, Andrew Hallinan, Braden Moran; fashion assistant: Hester Hodde; set design by Juliet Jernigan.