Jeanne Damas for the Reformation

Jeanne Damas for the Reformation. Photo courtesy of the brand.

Jeanne Damas embodies that impossibly chic, understated style that only French girls seem to be able to execute. Now, she’s applying her own tastes to a seven-piece, collaboration with Los Angeles-based label Reformation. Here, the Parisian It girl talks about her inspiration for the collection, her style icons, and more.

When did you first discover Reformation?
When I stepped out of Opening Ceremony in New York, four and a half years ago. I saw the store and went in. Now it’s an obligatory stop anytime I am in New York.

What inspired the collection?
The seventies! A woman during her holidays in the South of France.

What were the images that were on your mood board?
A '70s-inspired fashion story shot in Los Angeles with Malgosia Bela for Self Service magazine.

Who are the girls you imagine wearing your collection?
My friends: natural and effortless chicks.

What’s your daily uniform?
I am addicted to jeans, and short or long skirts or dresses... I love jeans! Also high heels!

Who are your style icons?
Actresses from the sixties, and my mom.

What do you think are the similarities between New York and Parisian style?
New Yorkers have a perfect look from head to toe, on the other hand, French women are messier with their aesthetic, they don't calculate their look as much. French girls just want to be beautiful without caring as much about being fashionistas.