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Jeff Koons and Lisa Perry’s Pop art clothing collaboration.


It is always sunny—even on a wet winter morning—in Lisa Perry’s New York apartment. A mod palace filled with Pop art masterpieces and bowls of colorful candy, it is the kind of rarefied and cartoonishly charming environment where artist Jeff Koons might be found in the powder room fixing his tie before his own flower-shaped mirror. And such is the world that Perry, wife of hedge-fund mogul Richard Perry, aimed to make more accessible to the public when she launched her line of Courrèges-inspired clothing five years ago.

More recently, she has created capsule collections featuring the works of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. For her latest installment, she incorporates imagery of Koons’s—a friend since she began collecting his pieces in 2002. (In addition to the flower mirror, Perry owns an enormous diamond-shaped sculpture, which sits on her terrace.) Among the images of works she chose for the new line are Loopy (1999), covering a Lucite clutch—“Obviously, I love desserts,” she notes of its depiction of a dollop of whipped cream—and Rabbit (1986), his stainless steel sculpture, which she emblazoned on the back of a leather jacket. “Very Elvis,” observes Koons with a smile. “I’ll get one for my wife.” And just in time for the collection’s arrival, Perry is set to open a shop on Madison Avenue that, in a rather nifty twist of fate, is in the former location of the retail space for Gagosian, Koons’s gallery. ($295–$4,500; 988 Madison Avenue, New York;

Photograph by Alexis Dahan