Director Darren Aronofsky's highly anticipated Jennifer Lawrence-starring film mother! premieres next month, but we still have next to no idea what it's about. We know it's a horror thriller. We know the official log line is simply, "A couple's relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence." We know that there's all sorts of bizarre and creepy sounding bit parts listed on IMDb like "sex slave #2." Other than that we have literally no idea what the film is about exactly. Even the cryptic teaser trailer debuted earlier this week gave us very little fresh insight.

Producers infamously dropped a haunting painted movie poster feature Lawrence's character ripping her own heart out of her chest over Mother's Day weekend. Now, they've finally revealed a similar poster featuring Bardem's character (we guess we can assume he's the other half of the couple that has their relationship tested, but who can say for sure?). While Lawrence's poster is set amidst a green, luscious garden, Bardem's is set in what seems to be hell. Look closely at the flames and you can see little demon faces in them. Lawrence is holding her heart, while Bardem is holding an orb with what appears to be a tiny little baby in it.

Clearly the moviemakers want you to take a closer look at both poster and compare and contrast each, because they've uploaded them, square-by-square, to Instagram in slideshow format with one poster overlaying the other.

One detail that caught IndieWire's attention is a small locket that appears in each that seems to bear the Zodiac mark of Pisces.


Another little catch is that if you look closely in this square, you'll notice a hidden portrait of a male character.

Oh, right, maybe you've noticed that Instagram had sound (turn your volume down before hitting play), and it's not the only one. There's tiny soundbites embedded within various Instagram posts. Some are character quotes while others are just ominous and spooky noises.

This one, with Bardem's character repeating "All I'm trying to do is bring life into this house" (maybe it has something to do with the baby orb he's holding?). Though, as Collider slyly discovered, if you take the sound clip and put it into a sound editor you'll supposedly find that the sound waves form to make a picture of his character.


There's all sorts of theories floating about. Lawrence's character appearing in what could be the Garden of Eden in her poster while Bardem is in hell have lead some to assume there are biblical undertones to the film. It wouldn't be surprising. Aronofsky directed the 2014 film *Noah—you know, the guy with the arc.

There's still so many questions left to be answered, though. Michelle Pfeiffer and Kristen Wiig (yes, Kristen Wiig) are both in this, and we still have no idea who they play. In the trailer that might be Wiig's voice that says "Hello" at one point, and we see some bald man necking on Pfeiffer in bed for literally less than a second. But beyond that, we have no clue.

Mother! will debut in theaters on September 15th, and in a summer in which we've had so many sequels and films based on both existing material and historical events, it might actually be fun to head into a movie which we know very little about.

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