Nearly 20 years ago, a new legend entered American folklore: that of the origins of Google Images. Once upon a time, in March of 2000, Jennifer Lopez wore a blue-green tropical-print Versace gown made of silk chiffon, which plunged far enough down Lopez's torso to show off her navel. And, as the story goes, so many people were compelled by a desire to see it for themselves that Google decided to roll out a visual counterpart to its default search engine that you've probably spent hours of your life scrolling through since.

It's no surprise, then, that Lopez revisited that fateful night to launch her new career as a vlogger, which began with a video titled "Moments of Fashion" that she uploaded late last week. In reminiscing, she referred to that fateful night as her "biggest fashion moment ever"—and also casually mentioned the fact that it almost never came to be.

According to Lopez, she was "out in the middle of nowhere" with Matthew McConaughey, filming a horse-riding scene in The Wedding Planner, when her stylist showed up, bearing news that the Grammy Awards were the very next day. Even more dramatically, there was also apparently "nothing out there" for Lopez to wear to the event, seeing as Lopez had put off the fitting for weeks. (Leave it to J.Lo, who was one of that year's nominees, to not think the Grammys are a big deal—though she now attributes her negligence to her nonstop schedule of going between the recording studio and the movie set.)

Despite there being "nothing" out there, Lopez's stylist did manage to come up with two dresses just in time, when Lopez was in the middle of doing her hair and makeup in the hours leading up to the awards. As far as her stylist was concerned, though, there was only one option: a "kind of a white dress or something like that," Lopez said. The other, of course, was the Versace, which came with a hitch: Three different people—including Donatella Versace herself—had worn it out in public since its 1999 debut on the runway.

Portrait of Donatella Versace
Donatella Versace wearing Versace at the 1999 “Rock Style” Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Mitchell Gerber/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images

Of course, Lopez ended up becoming the fourth person, to her manager and "trusted consigliere" Benny Medina's delight. (Her stylist, on the other hand, was "mortified.") At first, Lopez wasn't entirely on board herself: It took quite a bit of "toupee tape" to address her fear that her "boobs were gonna pop out on stage." Fortunately, that never came to pass; otherwise, Lopez, who promptly received an "ovation for just standing there," might very well have broken the Internet.

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Actors Jennifer Lopez and David Duchovny present t
David Duchovny and Jennifer Lopez presenting the first award of the evening at the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on February 23, 2000.

Hector Mata/Getty Images

42nd Annual Grammy Awards - Pressroom
Jennifer Lopez in her historic Versace dress at the 42nd Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on February 23, 2000.

Scott Gries/ImageDirect/Getty Images

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