Molly's Game may be the long-awaited directorial debut of TV creator and blue-chip screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, but from the looks of the trailer, which dropped today, this is clearly Jessica Chastain's movie. The actress is definitely a strong contender for an Oscar nomination for the role, and, depending on who you talk to, may even be the front runner at this point to walk away with the trophy. It's not hard to see why judging from the latest trailer.

Chastain plays Molly Bloom, a young woman who works her way up from unappreciated assistant to running one of the most elite underground poker rooms in New York City. Her game regularly attracts titans of industry, celebrities (represented here by Michael Cera's character, "Player X"), and other assorted millionaires and billionaires. Minimum buy-ins reach a cool quarter of a million, and her hustle soon becomes "one of the world's most exclusive and decadent man caves."

Of course, there's one small problem. The Russian mafia is involved. Which soon attracts another small problem of an FBI investigation: Bloom, a principled hustler, refuses to rat out her regular players even at the behest of her lawyer, played by Idris Elba.

"Not to spoil the ending, but that's when the Government raided my game, and took all of my money, assuming all of it was made illegally, which it wasn't," says Chastain in the first few seconds of the latest trailer.

Molly's Game premiered last month at the Toronto International Film Festival where it received rave reviews.

"Chastain roars through the performance with a force and take-no-prisoners attitude that keeps one rapt," raved The Hollywood Reporter.

"Bloom learned the poker trade mostly by accident, but she proved—as she had with most things in her life prior—preternaturally adept at negotiating the contours and physics of this semi-sordid world," claimed Vanity Fair. "Which gives Sorkin opportunity to write rich torrents of speech for Chastain to tear into. She does so with focused, funny aplomb. It’s her best role since The Help—yes, better than Zero Dark Thirty." She was nominated for an Oscar for both of those roles, for whatever it's worth.

Chastain really only had her big breakthrough six years ago with Tree of Life, so maybe it seems wrong to say an Oscar win is overdue. Though, it certainly wouldn't seem wrong if it happened.

You can judge for yourself when the film comes out November 22nd.

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