Circle Game

Designer Jonathan Muecke creates an ingenious entrance for Design Miami.

Jonathan Muecke's model for Design Miami

Visitors to Design Miami have crossed some ingenious thresholds over the years. There was Formless-finder’s 500-ton mound of sand in 2013 and Snarkitecture’s 2012 canopy of inflatable tubes. But this year, the new executive director, Rodman Primack, has opted for a pared-down pavilion, by the Minneapolis designer Jonathan Muecke, made up of two color-block walls that don’t quite connect to make a circle. “You can walk through it, or you can walk around it,” Muecke says. “I wanted to forgo traditional ideas of interior and exterior.” Adds Primack, “We liked that Jonathan’s proposal creates a pause, rather than an ‘OMG’ moment.”