Kanye West at Balmain

Kanye West at Balmain, March 2016. Photo by Getty Images.

Launched a line called "Ivy Park"; pays homage to actual public parks.

"Elle on Earth"
Is Jacques Hyzagi the new Keyser Söze? The writer of an unhinged stream of consciousness, extremely inside baseball story about Elle magazine seemed to be the villain of the week.

Delevingne, Cara
Earlier this week, Hedi Slimane cast the reportedly retired model in his Saint Laurent Fall 2016 campaign. Now, the model says she never really left the industry, taking to Twitter to come out about her struggles with depression. Incidentally, the Slimane era is over.

Hadid, Zaha
Architecture loses a legend with the death of Zaha Hadid. The Pritzker Prize-winner made strides for women in the discipline — and for the discipline as a whole — and her legacy lasts in the designs she leaves behind.

Hong Kong, Art Basel
Everything you wanted to know and then some.

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The social media platform changed its algorithm. Breathe deep. Everything will be ok.

Oliver, Shayne
Actually existed before Hood By Air, and there's video evidence.

Posey, Parker
Party Girl no more: The queen of '90s cult cinema is a social media maven to rival the kids. The standout: her Snapchat.

Velvet, Red
Seoul Fashion Week is over. Now, Red Velvet, the biggest K-Pop group you've never heard of, is ready to take on the United States.

West, Kanye
Still working on The Life of Pablo, only now you can stream it.

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