Kanye West Has Got Four Minutes

The rapper will have four straight minutes of uninterrupted air time at this year’s MTV VMAs. Plus, the fashion world gears up for the Spring 2017 shows around the world.


Lu, Kelsey The Afropunk Festival takes over Brooklyn’s Fort Greene park this weekend — and folk singer-slash-cellist Kelsey Lu is a set you shouldn’t miss.

Outsiders, Band of Relaunching with new designers and a new look. And they’ll be back in time for New York Fashion Week.

Prada, Miuccia The grande dame of Italian fashion never wants to be bored or boring.

Rapper, Chance the His life is basically perfect.

Rykiel, Sonia The groundbreaking designer who made the cool French girl a universal concept died Thursday at 86 after an extended battle with Parkinson’s. Her personal style will be remembered as much as her professional designs.

Spears, Britney Released her comeback album Glory Friday and slated to appear at the VMAs Sunday. Britney’s back.

VFiles Announced its Spring 2017 runway lineup — Lil Yachty’s new favorite might be here.

West, Kanye This is going to be good: MTV’s powers-that-be have elected to give Kanye West four straight minutes of uncurated air time. If this is a play at reviving interest in a flagging awards show, it’s working. (It helps that music videos kind of matter again.)

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