Katy Perry Trips on Ayahuasca in “Never Really Over” Video

Katy Perry’s new music video for “Never Really Over” offers some post-breakup cures for the lovesick.


Forget about those “New Rules” we learned about from Dua Lipa. When it comes to moving on, Katy Perry has one solid, foolproof method for getting over a breakup, or at least her music-video alter ego in “Never Really Over” has the key.

During the video for “Never Really Over,” Perry is carted away from her home while attempting to get over a breakup, transported to what looks like some sort of 1970s California commune to assist with the healing process. Some of the “therapy” she subjects herself to in the video includes heart-shaped cupping, acupuncture, and anti-love potions that appear to have similar affects on the brain as ayahuasca. It’s that final method that seems to have lasting impact on our lovesick pop star.

The traditional spiritual medicine has been around for centuries among indigenous peoples in the Amazon basin and is still used today for healing purposes in various South American countries. (The ancient medicine has also recently become a trend in Brooklyn and Silicon Valley.)

Ayahuasca is known for its psychoactive properties and healing effects. Traditionally, a proper administration of the ayahuasca brew (by a well-trained shaman) might induce hallucinations, spiritual revelations, and vomiting, which cleanses the spirit and assists with coping with trauma. It seems likely, then, that it would be a good method to speed along Perry’s breakup cure in “Never Really Over,” as is demonstrated cheekily in the video.

Some people get haircuts after a rough breakup. Others might rearrange the furniture in their home. According to Perry’s video, all you need is a spiritual retreat complete with ritualistic consumption of an ayahuasca brew, and you should be good to go before jumping on the next relationship bandwagon that passes you by.

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