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Katy Perry has had a whole lot on her agenda lately between her latest album, her upcoming gig on the American Idol reboot, and tour dates scheduled well into 2018. Yet, she's added one more major gig to her schedule: hosting MTV's annual Video Music Awards.

The music network announced Thursday that Katy will be hosting its popular awards ceremony this year. Katy excitedly announced the news on her Twitter page with a video, in which she seemingly floats through space in a kaleidoscopic moon-suit, with the VMAs signature moonman statue also floating beside her. "Introducing your MOONWOMAN. Brace for impact!" she tweeted, with an additional Facebook statement adding, I’ve been training with MTV in zero gravity, eating astronaut ice cream, and I’m on a group text with Buzz Aldrin and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Come August 27th, I’ll be ready to be your MOONWOMAN! Brace for impact, kids."

Besides showing off her hosting chops, Katy has another reason to be excited for the big night: She, along with The Weeknd, have five nominations each for their achievements. Leading them is Kendrick Lamar, with a total of eight nominations. (The list, which can be viewed in full here, is massively inclusive for artists of all sexualities and genders.)

The VMAs will air on August 27.

Hopefully she'll be inspired to release a new video of her own for "Swish, Swish" in the interim.

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