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On Saturday morning, TMZ reported that Sister Catherine Rose Holzman collapsed and died during a court appearance related to a lawsuit involving Katy Perry's attempt to buy an estate in Los Feliz, in Southern California. As TMZ reports, "the deal got all messed up" after Perry and the restaurant owner Dana Hollister both tried to buy the same property. A few years ago, the convent was being sold by Sister Holzman and another member of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart to Hollister; however, at the same time, the Archdiocese of L.A., which claimed it (and not the Sisters) had the actual right to sell the property, was working on its own sale to Perry for $14.5 million.

Hollister apparently interfered in the proceedings to the extent that Perry and the Archdiocese of L.A. sued and were awarded $10 million.

Sister Holzman, apparently, had sided with Hollister, telling the court, "We asked [Hollister] to save us, to buy the property. She had nothing to do with forcing herself on us… And to Katy Perry, please stop. It's not doing anyone any good except hurting a lot of people." When she appeared in court on Friday, March 9, for a "post-judgment hearing," the 89-year-old collapsed and died. Rest in peace.

Earlier last year, a judge had ruled that the archdiocese had the sole right to sell the property, not the nuns who once lived in the Los Feliz convent, and thus the nuns’ sale to Hollister was not valid. To whom the property now belongs is still unclear.

Katy Perry, meanwhile, is busily promoting ABC's reboot of the singing competition American Idol, on which she is a judge.

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