One of Wearstler’s bejeweled boxes

Interior designer Kelly Wearstler is a huge rock fan—and we’re not talking about Led Zeppelin. During the past few years, she’s developed an addiction to crystals and semiprecious stones, which she buys on her travels and displays in big piles in her chic Beverly Hills studio. Now she’s putting her treasures to work, creating one-of-a-kind bejeweled boxes, which will debut at Bergdorf Goodman this fall. “Everyone needs a box because everyone has something to hide,” she says.

Priced from $3,950 to $6,500, the striking brass and silver containers are adorned with a variety of stones, among them jade, pyrite, amethyst, malachite and pink fluorite. Each is signed by Wearstler, and no two are alike in size, shape or decoration.

To begin, only seven boxes are available, but she plans to create more. First, however, she needs to replenish her rock supply: “Now that I am using them, I need to keep my stock up.”

Photo: Courtesy of Mark Edward Harris