WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 20:  Trump advisers Kellyanne Conway (L) and Hope Hicks on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on January 20, 2017 in Washington, DC. In today's inauguration ceremony Donald J. Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States.  (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Kellyanne Conway Is Sorry if Her Clothing Offends the "Black-Stretch-Pants Women"

Excuse Kellyanne Conway's beauty.

Donald Trump's campaign manager and now counselor to the president has a preference for European designer clothes with an oomph of color. Her most discussed outfit may be the $3,600 Gucci coat she wore on inauguration day, the one with a red, white and blue motif polished off with tiger head-shaped buttons.

Conway called it "Trump revolutionary wear," an odd choice for the particular political message. In his speech, the president talked about the importance of American manufacturing and the shame of political insiders getting rich while the common man struggled. Conway's outfit, of course, is a product of Italy (by way of Gucci's French-owned parent company). It's also notable that the red, white and blue was a call to England, and not America. The particular coat came from a Gucci resort collection, which was shown in London, and meant as designer Alessandro Michele's homage to all things British. In other words, "Trump revolutionary wear" is likely the last thing he intended the coat to convey.

In any event, the outfit soon became meme-ified. Twitter users noticed that Conway's particular styling of the coat left her resembling Paddington the Bear amongst other things. She's aware, but she's not sorry.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she says she's "sorry to offend the black-stretch-pants women of America with a little color."

Though, it doesn't seem anyone was actually offended by her outfit, just a bit caught off guard by the dissonance of the choice.

The Trump administration, however, seems intent on sending a message with their wardrobe choice. The Washington Post notes today the speed of press secretary Sean Spicer's makeover from "used car salesmen" to somewhat sleek and professional. Conway, for her part, seems to be favoring a sort of hyper-patriotic drag. Over the weekend she debuted a sparkly brooch in the shape of the presidential seal.

Though, what's maybe most interesting is not Conway's sartorial choice, but the "I don't care if you're offended" way she defends it. It's a through line in The Hollywood Reporter interview.

"I told him when he offered me the job, the very last thing I said to him was I don't consider myself to be your peer, and I will not call you by your first name. And some of the feminists may go crazy… but it's called respect, and it's called deference, and it's called hierarchy," she says of her initial approach of Donald Trump.

No word on whether feminists actually went crazy.

She says she doesn't care if her several media appearances don't go well, because, at the end of the day, she's "taking many other people's TV time."

She also seems to try to give the impression that she herself can't be offended. Of Saturday Night Live's increasingly toothsome portray of her, she only says "Kate McKinnon clearly sees the road to the future runs through me and not Hillary." She laughs away liberal Twitter users portrayal of her as an "ugly, stupid, liar, meth queen."

So, Kellyanne Conway will continue to wear what she likes as well as say what she likes, and won't care what you say about it, because, whatever, you're probably just offended by it anyway.

In Trump world the simple notion of being offended by anything is a weakness, and anyone offended by anything they do is clearly invalid anyway.

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