Kendall Jenner didn’t walk at New York Fashion Week, and even told W that "it was [nice to recharge]." But she’s back on the runway in London. She walked for Riccardo Tisci at Burberry's spring 2020 show, her hair (apparently) dyed a bright, brassy blonde, roots intentionally somewhat exposed. She looks like a very glamorous tiger. The shade looks somewhat similar to when sister Kim Kardashian broke the internet with a blonde ‘do in 2015, a style that spawned countless Draco Malfoy memes. And since Jenner usually sticks to brunette colors, this look is sure to make waves.

While unlike sister Kylie Jenner (who loves a wig), Jenner hasn’t revealed too many dramatic dye jobs, she has gone blonde before. She was a blonde bride for a shoot for Italian Vogue, wore a blonde wig for her epic Fembot costume for Halloween last year, and sported another blonde wig for a segment in her disastrous 2017 protest-inspired Pepsi ad. She also once famously "swapped hair" with Gigi Hadid for a Balmain show. The look was made up of the model's real hair, rather than a wig or extensions.

Going blonde, especially for someone with dark hair like Jenner, is a long, laborious process that can lead to extensive damage. But we bet that the model’s hair held up ok. Back in 2016, she told British Vogue that she’s “lucky enough to have the straightest hair ever. I don't wake up in the morning and have frizz, it's just easy hair, so I wouldn't know.”