Bethann Hardison, Jean-Paul Goude, Iman, Chloe Sevigny, Humberto Leon, and Carol Lim attend the KENZO x H&M launch party in New York, New York, October 2016.

Getty Images for H&M

Breyer, Stephen
Supreme Court justice, impromptu fashion critic?

Goddard, Molly
Opening an interactive installation at the Now Gallery in London, where visitors can embroider six of Goddard's brightly colored tulle confections (much like that now-iconic neon green one Rihanna once wore).

H&M, Kenzo x
Caused the H&M site to crash. Brought out wraparound queues in cities like London and New York. Reselling extravagantly on Ebay. Is anyone surprised?

Kardashian, Kim
After her traumatic robbery in Paris last month, Kardashian has fired her "G" and longtime bodyguard Pascal Duvier. Heads gotta roll.

Ross, Tracee Ellis
Reads her texts, meditates — in that order. And she loves Chance the Rapper and Solange just as much as you.

Row, The
Reviving menswear.

Stone, Emma
Since La La Land, she's become an Oscar favorite. Here's why.

Tookes, Jasmine
Closing the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris next month, her fifth time walking the show. She'll be wearing a bra valued at $3 million. But is that holding her back this Thanksgiving? No way.