Kim Kardashian Debuts a Blunt Lob

Over the past few months Kim Kardashian has been testing the limits of both the length and blondness of her hair, but as of today she's decided to tone it back down a little bit. Her long lengths are gone, because Kardashian has gone back to her angled lob.

In an Instagram posted by Chris Appleton, her hairstylist, Kim is stroking her newly short cut. She's swapped her waist-length hair for a sharp, blunt cut that grazes her collarbone. In the caption, Appleton called the look "atomic blonde," writing, "Bringing back the shine đŸ’« Love this blunt chop on @kimkardashian."

True to form, Kim's hair looks shiny, soft, and as silver as one of her sister's holiday lip glosses. Her dark roots also makes an appearance, so you can likely nix the theory that her new cut is just a wig. Instead, her shine is likely thanks to Appleton taking out her extensions and cleaning up her ends. That "new person" feeling you get after even the tiniest of trims? Relatable, even for Kim K.

Kim wore the new style to a pop-up in LA last night, and her hair does look super healthy. You've got to respect the PR she's doing for roots.

Donato Sardella

As ever, it's impossible to say how long she'll stay short. She could show up tomorrow with flame red extensions, and we'd wonder if KKW had a red lipstick coming. The only thing we know for sure: Photographic evidence puts Kim leaving the Nexxus salon after getting this hair treatment. From her hair, to our shower.

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