Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart at the launch of Lucia Pica’s makeup collection for Chanel in London, England, June 2016. Photo by Getty Images.

Who: Kristen Stewart.

When: Thursday, June 23.

Where: A party to celebrate the launch of Lucia Pica's makeup collection for Chanel in London, England.

What: A black jacket and pants, both by Chanel, with black stilettos.

Why: It looks like leather, but on closer examination, the jacket and pants — which draw the illusion of a sleek catsuit — are actually a waxed sort of woven tweed. Oversized pockets and a zip closure give the whole thing a mod biker aura. It's grungier than the usual Chanel fare, but lately, Stewart has proved herself the master of adapting Lagerfeld's designs to her personal style — right down to slicing open Chanel t-shirts with your average sewing shears, because sometimes you just really need a crop top.

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