Kristen Stewart has never been afraid of making a bold hair change (she proved that when she buzzed her head and bleached her hair blond). But her most recent look is her most surprising yet. The 27-year-old actress was spotted rocking frosted tips à la Lance Bass circa 1999 (or Proto Zoa in the Xenon movies)—and somehow, she makes it work.

Stewart's frosted tips are not one of her major hair makeovers, though; instead, they are the unintentional result of growing out her most recent 'do. In March, she debuted her super-short white-blond hair at the premiere of her movie Personal Shopper and later revealed{: rel=nofollow} that she made the drastic change for her upcoming movie Underwater. Although she maintained the buzz cut for the following two months, most recently, the former Twilight star has started to let her hair grow out, resulting in the dark-roots, bleached-tips look.

How long will she keep it this way? And what style will she try next? Only time will tell.

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