Keeping Up with the Kardashians portrays the family as a close knit bunch who just happens to casually run an entire empire from Kris Jenner's kitchen counter, without any help. Yet, increasingly the family's employees are seeping into the spotlight. See: all the recent intrigue over the sister's seemingly abrupt break with longtime stylist Monica Rose.

Of course, the family is taking advantage over the increasing interest in the people who make their lives tick as well. Indeed, Kim Kardashian West has a new cosmetology-themed reality TV series in the work called Glam Squad. The winner gets a gig as Beauty Director for Kardashian Apps.

It seems like working for the Kardashians is the new being a Kardashian, and every week we get a new bit of info about some other lieutenant in the Kardashian's behind-the-scenes empire.

Indeed, Kylie Jenner has been secretly making her house keeper secret for a long time now. The skin in all the Kylie Cosmetics makeup swatches that appear on Jenner's social media? Yeah, it belongs to her housekeeper.

"My housekeeper, I use her arm for my Snapchats," Jenner told Fast Company in a new interview. "She has the best arm for swatches. She’s so nice and just sits there and has her arm ready and lets me do my thing. I care a lot about what my products look like when people first see them."

Fast Company didn't delve any further into the revelation, but we can only hope the unnamed housekeeper gets extra compensation for providing what may be the most seen skin on all of Snapchat (Jenner's account is, after all, the network's most followed).

Likewise, Refinery 29 offered a deep dive into the life of Stephanie Shepherd, who started out in 2013 as Kim Kardashian's assistant and has now worked her way up to COO of Kardashian West Brands. As it turns out, being a Kardashian assistant can pay off to the point that Shepherd went from living with Kardashian West when her first child North West was born to living in a mansion of her own (though she shared it with boyfriend and Apple Music head of content Larry Jackson). She also now has an assistant of her own.

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After a gig as a dancer for the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers, Shepherd moved to L.A. at 18, worked, for a while, as the assistant to a choreographer who just so happened to be business partner with Pussycat Dolls Svengali and Kardashian friend Robin Antin, and eventually was recommended to Kim while the star was pregnant. She did everything from schedule appointments to building North West's stroller, and now has reached the level of Kardashian executive.

"It was time for a title change," she told Refinery of her new COO gig. "My role has expanded outside of just an executive assistant... I'm basically Kim's liaison at this point. Every time she launches a product or makes a move to own her brand, it's essentially like launching a startup. Even just right now, there's...Kylie's Lip Kit collaboration and the website, and more fun stuff coming. Kimoji has been my favorite, because I’m not really that much of a beauty girl, but I have an eye for the packaging and fonts and details."

Yet, while it seems winding up anywhere in the Kardashian orbit can be a career and popularity launching pad (in addition to the new job, Shepherd has over 682,000 Instagram followers of her own), it's not glamour and glory. There is an empire to keep running. It doesn't all actually magically happen.

“I think everyone thinks this job is super glamorous — and I can’t lie, it is. Truly, this family is so much fun, and we go to some amazing places and do some incredible things. But don’t forget that when you’re an assistant, with all of that glamour comes schlepping the bags and the suitcases and taking the fall when the car doesn’t show up or the flight is delayed or something goes wrong,” she said. “I’ve f----- up a lot. I’m only human."

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