The Perks of Working at Kylie Cosmetics, According to Kylie Jenner’s Office Tour

Free pink snacks!


Kylie Cosmetics is a brand theoretically worth as much as $1 billion according to certain estimates and only growing, though Kylie Jenner’s own star quality alone does not a business empire make even if it helped start it. Like any capitalistic endeavor, Kylie Cosmetics’ growth and functioning depends highly on the labor of its workers, and we would assume that Kylie and her mother Kris (who has an unnamed by clearly very involved role in the company as evidenced by her own office and bar cart) only want to work with the best. With the beauty industry growing at a breakneck speed, things like simple perks and an inviting working environment can go a long way to helping to recruit the best candidates.

Though, it wasn’t Jenner’s intentions to necessarily walk us through a day-to-day of her company’s operations now (indeed, most employees were at an off-site meeting), certainly, a rundown of company benefits, sitting here at our offices, we couldn’t help but try to glean what we could about the company’s culture from the office tour video Jenner uploaded to YouTube this morning. While the video is full of things that Jenner and her family seems to enjoy (including a personal shower, onsite studios, and a “friends and family glam room”) we keyed on the shared resources of the campus.

Endless Pink Snacks

Jenner mainly stuck to traditional office neutrals in her workplace, but added a touch of personality by mandating that any accents in the office be pink. That goes for everything including plates, bowls, clothing steamers, and even the complimentary candies. Guests and workers can chose from either pink M&Ms custom printed with Kylie’s own face or pink Starbursts (lest you think some intern has to sort through regular packages of Starbursts, they do now sell the chewy candies in all-pink bags).

Unlimited Kardashian Reading Material

It’s important for any employer to keep their employee’s mental acuity sharp, and there’s better way to do that than simply reading. As such, the main room of the Kylie Cosmetic Office features a display with multiple copies of every single magazine Kylie has ever covered, as well as select covers featuring other members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan (we did not spot either Kim and Kendall‘s W covers, but it’s a big table. We’re sure they’re there).

Kylie Says “NO!” to Open Office Floor Plans

Certain elements of the Kylie Cosmetics campus have definite start up vibes, but one facet that staunchly separates it from so many tech companies (and not to mention increasing swaths of New York media) is the avoidance of the highly controversial open office floor plans that appear to be so in vogue these days. Though, while it may not mean much to many of Kylie’s teen fans, the older amongst us will almost certainly note that workers get their very own cubicles. You can even see a few of their heads popping up from their well divided workspaces.

Extremely Comfortable and Cozy Office Seating

The Kardashian are very attuned to comfort when it comes to sitting down, and that extends right down the chair choices in Kylie’s office. The conference room even features faux-fur upholstered roller chairs.

An Unlimited Supply of Jaden Smith’s Box Water

The fridges at Kylie Cosmetics offers an enviable supply of comped beverages, but you’ll notice that the water of choice at the company is Just Water, the boxed water brand co-founded by Kylie’s longtime friend Jaden Smith. Young Hollywood entrepreneurs support Young Hollywood entrepreneurs, of course.

A Champagne Vending Machine

Though, if you want a drink with a bit of a buzz, that’s an option while working at KylieCo. You just have to pay for it. The offices features a custom vending machine of mini-champagne bottles (it is not clear if this is the same champagne vending machine that Chrissy Teigen and Jon Legend once gifted Kris Jenner, or rather that the family just owns two separate champagne vending machines. Whatever the case, the features may make you think you’re working on the set of Absolutely Fabulous.

Complimentary Pink Umbrellas

Even though, as Jenner notes, it rarely rains in Southern California, free pink umbrellas are provided. This is apparently a Kris Jenner initiative.

And, Of Course, Working With Stormi Webster

Jenner’s young daughter seems to be such a frequent presence at HQ that she even has her own onsite nursery.

Watch the full tour here: