Lady Gaga Teases “Engima” Residency with Possible Resurrection of “PetGa”

PetGa resurrected in Las Vegas?


It’s starting to become clearer why Lady Gaga named her Las Vegas residency show “Enigma” — it is truly one. The latest teaser video doesn’t do much to clear up any lingering questions, instead leaving more behind. In the clip, an avatar of Lady Gaga — the one she shared behind-the-scenes footage of on Instagram earlier, including the viral clip of her crying — undergoes something major.

“What’s happening to me?!” she says in the clip before an alien creature greets her with “Hello, Gaga.” In the comments section of the video, some are wondering if these figures tie in to the “aura alien” that Gaga debuted in an app alongside her 2013 album ArtPop. At the time, director Ruth Hogben explained of the creature, “All of the motion is Gaga. We captured her movements during the shoot; her hands were very expressive. There is something strangely haunting about it. It’s like a soul captured in a bottle.” That definitely holds up with this latest Enigma teaser.

But the two figures don’t look exactly alike. Perhaps the “aura alien” named Petga was updated for this show? Or it could be a different ghost-like blue alien character entirely. Either way, the teaser does explain at least one thing: Why Gaga recently dyed her hair silver. Her avatar has the same silver hair that Gaga has been wearing while prepping for the show, so the video will correlate to the narrative of the stage.

Enigma also seems to be Gaga’s alterego for the show, as she let slide in one of the behind-the-scenes clips she shared. “Gaga, or you can call me Stephanie, or Enigma,” she said introducing herself in a previously shared video clip on her Instagram.

In her initial statement, Gaga called the production, which premieres tonight at MGM Park Theater, “a show unlike anything I’ve done before.” It will be a celebration of all that is unique and different within us,” she said. “The challenges of bravery can be overcome with creativity and courage that is grown out of adversity, love and music.”

Her choreographer Richy Jackson echoed that, saying that it’s truly “unique.” “I love to create, I love to reinvent, I love to try something new,” he recently told Us Weekly. “The pressure isn’t [that] if I’m afraid I can’t do it. The pressure’s just, ‘How best can we do it? How best can I do it?’ That excites me. Let me say this … Gaga herself will always appear. It’s just how we do it is where the difference lies. She’ll always appear. She’s Gaga. She’s Lady Gaga.”

Gaga’s fiancé has also confirmed that, sharing a photo of Gaga’s feet on Instagram, and writing, “Final night of rest for these feet. Las Vegas will never be the same after tonight.”