Lady Gaga Says She’s “Pregnant” With a New Album, Not a Child

She shut down pregnancy rumors with a wry tweet.

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Randy Holmes/Getty Images

Lady Gaga‘s pop culture reign has reached new heights this year. In January, her performance of “Shallow” in A Star Is Born won a Golden Globe for Best Original Song, and in February she won the Academy Award for the same category. Now, as spring approaches, she’s bringing her focus back to her Las Vegas residency show called Enigma.

As any triumphant entertainer knows, with tremendous amounts of success comes the influx of gossip, and as of late, the rumor mill has been working overtime to churn out tabloid stories with Gaga at the center. She has already shut down any rumors that there is a romance between herself and her A Star Is Born co-star, Bradley Cooper, thanks to their sizzling performance at the Oscars, in which they came extremely close to kissing each other onstage. “Yes, people saw love. And guess what? That’s what we wanted you to see. This is a love song, ‘Shallow’; the movie, A Star Is Born, it’s a love story,” Gaga told Jimmy Kimmel on his late-night television show, refuting any claims that there is anything romantic going on between herself and Cooper.

Thanks to those Cooper rumors, more recently there has also been the circulation of the unsubstantiated claim that the performer is pregnant.

Well, Gaga has confirmed she is not with child, but she does have something else cooking: an album. The singer’s anticipated follow-up to her 2016 album, Joanne, will be called LG6, according to her Twitter. Of course, with a wry sense of humor, Gaga addressed the rumors by saying she is “pregnant” with her upcoming album. There’s no delivery date yet, but eagle-eyed fans have pointed out that Gaga followed BloodPop and Rihanna on social media at the same time, hinting at a possible collaboration, while BloodPop allegedly teased LG6 on Instagram this week.

We already have enough newborn (and yet-to-be-born) celebrity babies to keep track of, and if Gaga actually were pregnant (with a baby, not her sixth solo studio album) it would only make sense that the news would come straight from the performer herself. Besides, she’s already got Oscar, her first “child” of sorts, to take care of for the rest of her life.

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