All White Now

W’s beauty director loves this new collaboration between Le Bon Marché x The Webster Miami.

The Webster X Le Bon Marché Kure nail polish

Despite the fact that it rarely snows in Paris or Miami, both cities are about to become covered in white thanks to two chic stores: Le Bon Marché and The Webster Miami. The two teamed up to launch “Le Mois de Blanc,” a vast collection of white items—encompassing women’s fashion and accessories, men’s wear, home, and beauty—created by more than 50 designers, including Dior, Balenciaga, Vuitton, Givenchy, Valentino, Marc Jacobs, and Alexander Wang. While the beauty category is relatively modest compared, the names are certainly chic: Kure has created a nail polish; Byredo is launching Blanche, a white floral perfume for the hair; and Frederic Malle created a new fragrance, which is bound to stir up some competition with his other wintery scent, L’eau d’Hiver.

Available through February 21st at thewebstermiami.com.

Photos: All White Now

The Webster X Le Bon Marché Kure nail polish, available at The Webster.

Frederic Malle Dominique Ropion Tubereuse candle, available at The Webster.

The Webster X Le Bon Marche Byredo Blanche Parfum de Cheveux, available at The Webster.